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We are a Conceptual Design and Procurement Lifestyle Company who caters to the needs of both residential and commercial enterprises. We manage all aspects of home acquisition, sale, staging, Interior design and decorating. We have evolved to simplify processes and improve efficiencies. Certified.
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I will be happy to meet with you in your home to discuss your interior decorating needs. I usually start with a one hour consultation to get an idea of your priorities and budget.

Why choose a designer?

Interior design professionals can change your life by assisting you in creating a home and/or office environment in which you can be most productive and creative. In a time when our homes have become our refuge, design professionals are an invaluable resource in several areas (such as color) to help you achieve the desired impact of an individual room or the whole house.

A common myth exists that designers are an unnecessary expense when planning your design project. In actuality, a designer can save you thousands of dollars in one room by preventing costly mistakes. Designers have been trained in scale, proportion, balance, color, texture, and product quality, all of which are essential to a successful design project. Lighting for example, when properly selected and installed, can transform the entire setting of a room.

Designers can be hired for just one hour, perhaps to select a paint color or sofa, or for an entire home or office project. There is a broad range of professionals available in various disciplines of the trade. A designer asked her client why she had included design services as an essential part of her project. Her response was simply, "I wanted to do it right and do it only once." When you find yourself at the end of the day yearning for the comfort of your newly decorated home, or inspired each morning by your new office surroundings, you may find that working with a design professional was one of the best decisions you ever made.