Realtor's Corner
Welcome Realtors!
Thank you for visiting our website and we appreciate your assistance in helping our homeowners as well as promoting our subdivision. Please send us a note via the Contact Us tab,  if you would like to register to download HOA documents. Select "Realtors" in the "Send To" field and provide us with your real estate credentials (Name, Email, Phone Number, Broker/Office phone number, License number, and Firm name) to register. If you are going to list a property in our subdivision, please be aware that there is a For Sale sign size restriction, per the Covenants, to a 4 square feet (2' x 2' size only).  When listing the property the HOA restriction box need to be checked to reflect the Non-Rental/Non-Leasing restriction in our covenants. This box is located in the LEGAL | FINANCIAL | TAX INFORMATION section in the listing. The initiation fee is: $450 and the annual dues is $350.
Please visit our Home Page and About Us to find out what Miramonte Ridge Subdivision is all about! Also, note that we are a Non-rental/Non-leasing  community and to proceed with a closing of one of our properties a Closing Letter Form needs to be processed. The Closing Letter form needs to be requested and completed by the Closing Attorney only and there is a charge of $100.00 to be paid either in advance or at the closing.  After the closing of the property, we will provide the new homeowner(s) with a welcome package, which will also include the Covenants, Bylaws and Amendments for their record.
If you have any questions or need any additional information, please send a message through the Contact Us link and we will be glad to assist you.
Have a Great Day!